<;" >Hey what up, .. my name is Kevin Pizan. i Am Filipino. and part Itailian i resign in the Rayniee State of Seattle Washington.. i am 19. Licensed of Course. :) Jdm head. i GRADUATED FROM Cheif Sealth International HIGH . im a Pretty Koo Person when we get to talk or meet i dont bite .. :) unless it a love bite haha jk.. but yeah i stay away from drama . but life is what it is. i am Taken by specialist girl :) <3 . so follow Me and get to know more . Byess.
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Dear You,

I have hacked your tumblr because I can. I just wanted to say hi. Thank you for being there me and missing sleep so you can come visit me during finals. You must love me so much to do so. You need to sleep okay! :) mahal kita.

I imagine me and my Gf riding this on lovely night in Seattle (Taken with instagram)

Yesterday’s Road Trip (Taken with instagram)

Soo wrong (Taken with instagram)

SEATTLE <3 ☀ (Taken with instagram)

Ferry Ride (Taken with instagram)

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